Password Safety Tips

Due date: January 20, 2012

Practicing password safety is quite challenging. Computer users may have several passwords for many different websites and software.  Each of these  requires unique password safety rules.

Here are some tips for making your passwords more secure. The more secure a password, the less likely someone will be able to “crack” it. Using password safety techniques will help keep your computer and your files safe.

How to Create Strong Passwords

* At least 8 characters in length

* At least 1 number

* At least 1 special character like % or #

* Both lower and uppercase characters.

Passwords with difficult combinations make it harder for password cracking tools to figure out your password.

I also think that using a phrase for my password makes it strong but easy to remember.

For instance, if I use the first letter of each word of the phrase “Dad went to New Mexico in 2001!“, my password can be “DwtNMi01!“. Don’t use personal information such as birthdays, family names, or first and last names when creating a password. Avoid using words or phrases that could be found in a dictionary or easily guessed.

Don’t share your password with others.


Visit  the Gibson Research Corporation at and find out how fast it can be cracked, experiment with password length and composition.

John Pozadzides, an Internet expert  has done the math. Find out how long it will take a computer to try all the combinations of characters. passwords by masdyer

Like it? Create your own at It’s free and fun!



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